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Monday, December 29, 2008

OMG... double digits!

So I weighed myself this morning and it reads 99.8lbs w/ clothes on! Hmmm... must be the water weight coming off or something.. lol.. jk :P But, OMG!!! And with clothes off, it's 99.0! I'll enjoy the moment while I still can, at least for right now anyway. Now, let's see how long this will last. I swear, I've been eating a bunch of bad food lately... and I know I didn't record last week's weigh in cuz I forgot to weigh myself last Monday. Not just that, when I did remembered to weigh myself throughout the week it was giving me readings like 102.8, 104.. even 105! I know, that's a lot... so, yes... I don't know. I'm still weary of this number you can say, just cuz it's too good to be true. We'll see how the rest of this week's mini weigh-ins are like and of course, for next week as well. I'm really hoping I do good... 'specially for this new upcoming year. It's almost here! Oh, of course, could it be because I worked out 3 days in a row... not just any typical workouts, but a 4 mile run, 10 mile bike ride and then another 4.6 mile run? Who knows...

Alright, more later I guess. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

i need a rest day...

Oh man, my body needs a break, badly. Today's run of Lake Merced was tough. I felt like my body was super heavy throughout the entire race. I just wonder if it was from the constant physical activities I've done over these past few days, plus all the unhealthy crazy holiday foods I've been eating. Anyway, it was tough, but Mark and I made it. Our time wasn't too bad... did it under 42 minutes, so that was good. Of course we thought we were on pace to do it under 41 minutes, but somehow there just wasn't enough steam at the end to get it in. Well, we still did great though. Seriously, during the entire run I felt like giving up, but I somehow I keep telling myself I couldn't let Mark down. I couldn't just stop or slow way down and tell him to just go ahead without me... he wouldn't let me do that, I just know it. I mean, because he knows I can do it and I'm just being lazy. Of course if I really couldn't do it physically he would understand and it'll be fine. But of course, I know I'm just being lazy if I slow down... cuz I so know I can do it.

Lalalalala... anyway, on Friday we ran a new course. It was down Hillside, passed Serramonte to Lawndale and back. Boy, that was tough. I mean, it seemed like it took forever to get to Lawndale... but somehow we made it and turned around. The second half is always so nice and goes by way quicker.

Yesterday's physical activity was something new. We went for a bike ride.. me, on my new bike of course! About 90 minutes worth of cycling... not bad. Of course it wasn't super hardcore or anything like that, but there were some hills in it... so that was a bit tough. Now, today... after tonight's run... I just feel a bit warn out. Today is a total rest day, for sure. :)

Oh... 2009 new year's resolution coming soon.... that's it for now.. more later. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas came and went....

...and it was FABULOUS! I had a lot of fun this Christmas despite a little drama here or there. Mark and I did really great with our shopping, getting it done early and just pretty much trying to relax during that last week. Anyway, we all went ice skating last Saturday and had a lot of fun... totally puts you in the Christmas mood/spirit. OMG, it sure was cold though! No snow, but COLD!

mark & laura ice skating at union square
mark & laura ice skating @ union square :)

me ice skating at union square
me (on the right, that is) ice skating @ union square :)

my bike
yes, my cruiser bike i got for christmas :)

So I guess I had been a good girl this year cuz Santa (aka Mark =P) got me some pretty neat stuff. And for my big gift I got an Electra 3-speed beach cruiser bike. I'm really going to put that to use. Of course it'll be a bit tough riding in the crazy San Francisco/Daly City streets... but I say it should be fine. Whenever I come upon hills that are too steep, I'll just have to walk it or something. Well, we're going biking today... so that should be fun.. I'm excited. Anyway, we'll see about navigating through or around those hills... so yes, stay tune. :)

Oh, another gift I'm super excited about is my tennis racket. Mark took me out to play tennis Christmas day... it was fun! I didn't even realize I was decent at tennis. I told Mark I was terrible at it.. and he just kind of wanted me to try it anyway. Well, I told him the last time I remembered playing tennis was like 9 years ago... and I was suck at it! This time around, I think I did pretty good. Mark and I were able to rally a several times, and even played a mini game. Of course I never won any game, but I did managed to get a few points. Other than that... I sucked, but hey... that just mean I have room for lots of improvements! :) So yes, I think we've got next year figured out. More running, biking, tennis and of course, hiking! We really need to get back into hiking. Oh yes, as a "i should totally make this my new year's resolution" kind of thing, I really need to learn how to swim. So if I could somehow get to that and really make an effort to find a pool, and have someone teach me how to swim, I think we'll be set. I would absolutely love to complete a triathlon one of these days. I really want to do it. I'd like to think that if I can somehow swim/stay afloat, I can totally try distance swimming. We'll see.

Okay, that's enough. More in the new year.. maybe. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

half-marathon, etc.

So I've been pretty consistent lately with my running. Thing is, I still can't get myself to run longer than 5 miles or well, more like 4.75 miles at a time. It just sucks. For some reason, I'm just not mentally prepared to run longer than 50 minutes or 4.75 miles, etc. So for now, I can honestly say I am so not ready for that half-marathon this coming February 2009. The thought of finishing a half-marathon feels wonderful, but I'm just so not ready for it mentally. Physically, I really do think I can do it... it's just that I feel it's more mental than physical.

Well, today's the 11th, I still have until early January to decide. I think the deadline to register for the Kaiser Permanente half-marathon is like January 10th or something... so maybe by January 5th or so, I really should make up my mind on whether or not I'm going to run that half marathon. First, I know I just need to get in some 8-9 mile runs and see how I feel. Maybe I should try doing that before Christmas. Or maybe the next time I run I should try to go longer than 4.75 miles. I know I've been working on my speed/pace lately. I'm getting better at it and is able to sustain the pace, but it's still tough. Yesterday I did the Lake in under 42 minutes. I remembered the first time I ran the Lake... I think I finished it in 53 minutes and something seconds. My pace was more like a 12-something minute pace. Yesterday, my pace was 8:49 a mile. It's just crazy... to see that I've improved my Lake time by over 10 minutes!

Overall, I'm just really impressed with what I've accomplished so far. I could totally remembered back in mid-July after my birthday and telling Mark that I was going to attempt to run again. I was so out of shape. I haven't ran in months, years even! And to see where I am today, the physical (positive) changes it's doing to my body and health, it's just great! Anyway, I know I really would like to complete a half-marathon one of these days. I just hope 2009 will be the year... but to get there, I know I have to really prepare myself mentally for all that running. I know that if I put the effort and just do it, I can run that many miles and complete my first half-marathon!

All and all, we'll see. I guess for now if I can gradually add some extra distance or minutes to my runs, that would be great! We'll see. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

running really makes a body feels GOOD!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I absolutely love running now. Of course, it's still hard to get up, get out and run (every now & then).... but the after-feeling feels wonderful that you just have to... just do it!

Well, I've been running (on/off) for about four months now... let's just say since late July after my 24th birthday. I've already noticed that I'm getting curves in my legs that I've never really seen or noticed before. They're not just any kind of curves, they're cool-looking muscle curves like... "OMG, my legs are fit!" kind of thing. Pretty neat, I say. And also, my abs are flattening themselves without me even having to do a single sit-up. But of course, I really need to get those strength training workouts in. It's a must-do on my list. Just have to do it!

Anyway, I'm still working on those runners' legs.. and 'em sexy calves. I know it'll take even more hard work and consistency, but I'll get there one of these days. And if I don't ever, just because of crazy genetics, that's okay too... as long as I know I can sustain a decent pace running and feel okay afterwards. :)

Alright, what else? Oh, we got our Christmas tree this weekend. It's all decorated and there's even presents under the tree now! Thing is, Christopher's getting into everything! So we really have to tell him no... I mean, he's still just a baby.. okay, more like a toddler, but he doesn't totally understand everything. Anyway, I'm just super excited for Christmas. Christopher's going to have a blast opening up his presents come Christmas morning. I really have a feeling he'll enjoy the wrapping papers more than the gifts. LOL, actually, we'll find out. :) Ahhh, the holidays, it's wonderful! Absolutely love Christmas, can't wait! :)

Btw, I weighed myself this morning and the digital scale reads 101 lbs! Now, I also weighed myself on Mom's (the old one Mark and I were using months before), and it reads somewhere in between 99-100 lbs. Not bad.

Okay, more later.

Monday, December 1, 2008

the holidays

Just a quick entry this time.

So last Thursday was Thanksgiving. It was perfect! The turkey was cooked in time, the 2-hour recipe that Mark tried last year. There were so many yummy food.... it was just all so good and perfect! I absolutely love this time of year. Anyway, now that Thanksgiving is done and over with, Christmas is next on the list. Mark and I started on our Christmas shopping this past Saturday. Mark totally does not like that whole Black Friday, Day-After-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza, so we usually wait until the weekend to start our shopping, etc. Well, it's only the Monday after Thanksgiving and we've already got about 50-60% of the shopping done. Now, we just have to really focus on our kids and ourselves. We still have two whole weekends to do that, so I really think this year we're on the right track to a stress-free Christmas eve (unlike last year, running around at the last minute trying to get anything last minute.. it was crazy!!).

All and all, I'm really excited for this Holiday season. It just seems extra special this year. We were the first house on the block to have our Christmas lights up. The following night, the two houses next two us put up their's. So now if you were to drive by our block, you'll see we've got the Christmas spirit. Ahhh... it's just so pretty. I absolutely love it! :)

Okay, more later. :)


  • Cardio (running, elliptical or rowing machine), at least 3x a week
  • Eat more healthy (plan more meals)
  • Complete one full round of P90X :)
  • Get down to 95lbs? okay, 100lbs first then!
  • Runners' legs (still striving for 'em sexy calves/legs!)
  • Flat tummy (still working on it)
  • Run my first half marathon??!! -- nike women's marathon (oct 2010)
  • Run/complete SF marathon's progressive marathon/5K in july (i can't do the half or full marathon, my leg's still not 100%)
  • Run nike+ humanrace10k 8.31.08

  • race results

    07/26/09: 3.1 miles -- SFM 5k 29:21 :)
    11/23/08: 4 miles -- great highway 37:48 :)
    11/16/08: 3.1 miles -- polo fields 5k 29:35 :)
    09/21/08: 4.5 miles -- lake merced race 46:56 :)
    09/14/08: 4 miles -- stern grove 4mile 43:20

    08/31/08: 6.2 miles -- nike+ 10k race! 67:38 :)
    08/10/08: 3.1 miles -- my first 5k! 33:20 :)

    7:30 (03/08/10 -- street)
    7:58 (11/20/09 -- 1 mi race)
    8:37 (11/16/08 -- race)
    8:50 (10/5/08 -- track)