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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

quick update

move it, girl!

so since my last post i've been trying to shed this weight. so far, no go. i'm still stuck at 105. i weighed myself this morning and that's what the scale said. that's due to me not really eating properly and exercising sporadically. now, i can assure you, for the last week and a half, i have been better (at exercising, that is). for one week straight, i actually recorded at least 15 minutes of exercises a day. i'm not counting mini walks here and there as part of those 15 minutes. those 15 minutes were of actual time committed to being active. i did a lot of mini workouts from the iphone app, nike training club. yeah, the app's pretty good. it's got video and photo how-to's should you need it. i have yet to go through all the different videos, but with the ones i've done so far, i really like it. they have workouts starting at 15-minute to 45-minute ones. generally i just stick to a quick 15-minute workout that targets a specific body part and do two of those for a full 30 minutes or go for an all-around body workout in 15 minutes.

anyway, so far this week i've been really good! i ate great yesterday (i use this app and this app to track my food intake -- yes, i use both because one has something i need that the other doesn't and the other doesn't have or have, you get what i'm saying here). i've definitely been eating a whole lot less than i have been in weeks! and today, i'm still going strong. my diet is good. i ran 4 miles this morning and saw the sun rise. i ran again during my lunch break, another 2.5 miles and tackled the heavy foot and car traffic of busy downtown san francisco. i'm thinking if i can keep this up, i should plan to run during my lunch breaks at least 3x a week or something. nothing major. just a simple 2-3 miles should do. it doesn't hurt, especially with the days getting lighter later and darker sooner. sucks, i know, running without sunshine.

alright, that's all for now. will check back hopefully in a week or so to see how good/bad i've been. i hope it's good. :)


  • Cardio (running, elliptical or rowing machine), at least 3x a week
  • Eat more healthy (plan more meals)
  • Complete one full round of P90X :)
  • Get down to 95lbs? okay, 100lbs first then!
  • Runners' legs (still striving for 'em sexy calves/legs!)
  • Flat tummy (still working on it)
  • Run my first half marathon??!! -- nike women's marathon (oct 2010)
  • Run/complete SF marathon's progressive marathon/5K in july (i can't do the half or full marathon, my leg's still not 100%)
  • Run nike+ humanrace10k 8.31.08

  • race results

    07/26/09: 3.1 miles -- SFM 5k 29:21 :)
    11/23/08: 4 miles -- great highway 37:48 :)
    11/16/08: 3.1 miles -- polo fields 5k 29:35 :)
    09/21/08: 4.5 miles -- lake merced race 46:56 :)
    09/14/08: 4 miles -- stern grove 4mile 43:20

    08/31/08: 6.2 miles -- nike+ 10k race! 67:38 :)
    08/10/08: 3.1 miles -- my first 5k! 33:20 :)

    7:30 (03/08/10 -- street)
    7:58 (11/20/09 -- 1 mi race)
    8:37 (11/16/08 -- race)
    8:50 (10/5/08 -- track)