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Monday, March 8, 2010


Yes, been a while. Ahhh, what’s new? Well, been really focusing on making a permanent lifestyle change. So far, so good. Down under 99lbs these days and have lost 1-1/2 inches off my waist since the start of the new year. Was 97lbs over the weekend, but of course, I just had to have my pho and you know what happens. It’s full of sodium, therefore I ended up drinking a ton of water. Now my body’s carrying all this water weight. Yeah, bloated and everything... not so nice, I know.

Anyhooo.... Tomorrow’s my 2-month weigh-in. I’m hoping the number on the scale’s decent. Actually, won’t really bug me too much as long as it stays under 100. :) And even if it’s at 100, I know what I need to do. Just cut back on my portion. It’s simple as that. Oh, besides the scale, what’s been looking really good is my arms! I’m getting there... Those sexy arms are starting to show. I mean, all ‘em curves and everything. It’s so nice. I can’t wait to show them off this spring/summer. I’m finally having muscles in my arms without even flexing them! Ahhh! That’s just so cool. Big props to a consistency in yoga, strength-training 3x a week and lots of running. :) Now of course, if I can just get rid of that baby pouch. It’s as if that will never disappear, but that’s okay. It comes with the territory of being a mama. :)

Ummm... To be continued... Stay tuned.

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  • Cardio (running, elliptical or rowing machine), at least 3x a week
  • Eat more healthy (plan more meals)
  • Complete one full round of P90X :)
  • Get down to 95lbs? okay, 100lbs first then!
  • Runners' legs (still striving for 'em sexy calves/legs!)
  • Flat tummy (still working on it)
  • Run my first half marathon??!! -- nike women's marathon (oct 2010)
  • Run/complete SF marathon's progressive marathon/5K in july (i can't do the half or full marathon, my leg's still not 100%)
  • Run nike+ humanrace10k 8.31.08

  • race results

    07/26/09: 3.1 miles -- SFM 5k 29:21 :)
    11/23/08: 4 miles -- great highway 37:48 :)
    11/16/08: 3.1 miles -- polo fields 5k 29:35 :)
    09/21/08: 4.5 miles -- lake merced race 46:56 :)
    09/14/08: 4 miles -- stern grove 4mile 43:20

    08/31/08: 6.2 miles -- nike+ 10k race! 67:38 :)
    08/10/08: 3.1 miles -- my first 5k! 33:20 :)

    7:30 (03/08/10 -- street)
    7:58 (11/20/09 -- 1 mi race)
    8:37 (11/16/08 -- race)
    8:50 (10/5/08 -- track)